Tuition fee and other expenses

Tuition fee: 575 000 HUF/semester, due on the first day of the semester.

Accomodation: 35000 HUF/month/person. Rooms equipped with two single bed, television, refrigerator, internet connection. In the student hostel shared kitchen, food-shop, sauna, gymn, copy service and library available.

Books: Digital study materials provided for free. Copy and printing cost is on the expense of the student.

Living costs (for comparison given in EUR): Lunch in the university cafeteria (soup, main dish and dessert) can be purchased for 2 EUR/day. Usual prices for some food items in shops are: 1kg bread = 1 EUR, 1 litre milk = 1 EUR, 1 kg pork = 3.5 – 4.5 EUR. The city center can be reached by local bus which costs 1 EUR each way.

Tips for visa application: Student who will study at the Kaposvár University should have get a study visa. Since with this visa it is possible to travel within the EU, there is strict requirements to issue. The applicant has to provide evidence that he/she has all the financial background (awarded scholarship or money on his/her private bank account) to cover the expenses (travel to and back, tuition fee, dormitory fee, living expenses, insurance). Health insurance can be arranged with the Hungarian Health Fund or with the Medicover health insurance service ( The application for study visa can be settled at the Hungarian embassies.